Flora Testimonies 13

Flora Testimonies 13

2020 if not anything else………..
Thank you for teaching me the art of home schooling. I don’t know if I will be comfortable putting my daughter in school for this year. However, there is lots that she has learnt apart from all this mumbling going on here and there and that is the love of reading books, her love for flash cards, her love for pretend play, her attempts to speak three languages at a time, not to forget her sub-conscious love for Spanish and Tamil too. And then one day she suddenly expects me to repeat the same way I had been doing with her.

I am not a perfect Mom definitely and do give her screen time sometime of the day, but I am happy she chooses her content wisely. Her choice is simply super. I have never seen nonsensical videos being played when the phone or laptop was put in front of her. First there was no looking beyond CocoMelon, then she discovered Peppa, then Punjabi dance videos, after a few halts there were Tamil cartoon videos and then we had her tuning to Spanish songs. I am glad to say she is a die hard Tom and Jerry connoisseur.

She fully is a self functioning tech girl making her own content choices. Also, I am not apologetic for giving her screen time at all. If she has to learn how to speak and conduct herself online in the coming days, technology familiarity and acquaintance with gadgets is much needed in limited amounts.
Her screen time videos are mostly Spanish and Tamil. Though I have not seen her have the same love for German or Malayalam, but it is her choice!

I cannot say how they comprehend. I don’t know when she started speaking. It was all natural, or may be conditioning ?
The only thing I know she is growing up like an Indian rubber ball and making me sound old 🤔🤔🤔🤔…… Slow claps!

Are these terrible twos ?
Or terrific twos ?

©Rucha S Khot


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