Social Media Affirmations

Felt like sharing this today because someone asked me –
Do you only make reels in life 😉 😉 😉 ??
And I was like – Dude, everyone has a life they prefer keeping private or opening up when they feel comfortable. 😀
Someone may be a CEO and you may never know. 😉

Let this day be a reminder of a few things that each one on social media channels should be aware about.

1. Social media blogging is a side hustle for a few, a passion for some, a happy place for another and a channel to energize for many, even relax at that. Do not be judgemental and reach conclusions based on any post.

2. Every person is knowledgeable and inspiring in many ways. Just because someone does not speak, respond or comment doesn’t mean they don’t know things.

3. People showcase their lifestyle on social media with three goals in mind – Influencing, Inspiring and most of all just posting their stuff to make connections.
So don’t take anything for granted. Many bloggers out here work hard even apart from the gram. 😉

4. When you are inspired by someone, appreciate their work. It leaves them having a better day.

5. Always be transparent in your approach whenever you ask for help or any information.

6. Social media is definitely a hoax in a few ways, nonetheless, it is a source of constant awareness, happiness, knowledge and even new trends. So make use of it in a way you feel comfortable.

7. Be kind is what many bloggers and influencers will tell you. But most of all be practical and open-minded to think from all segments and fractals.

8. The possibilities of making connections and using opportunities on this platform are endless, so don’t try to snatch anyone’s piece of pie, make your own and serve lemonade with it. It will always help you stand out and be true to your ethics.

9. For many bloggers this platform is a money-making source. Therefore be alert and careful of your words and actions with such small businesses or accounts. Open conversation is always the key before maligning anyone’s hard work.

10. Last but not the least, there is a majestic difference between getting inspired and copying. 😉
So don’t be fishy and expect to escape. Don’t forget #karma 🙂

©Rucha S Khot


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