About The Author And Owners

1. Rucha Sudhir Khot


– Recipient of Me Padvidhar Awards 2019 for Entrepreneurship
– Nominee of iWoman Global Awards 2020 in Education
– Featured In Femina Magazine Nov 2019 issue in Young Women Achiever’s Section
– Poet Of “Expressions Of A Sensitive Soul”
– Masters in Education (pursuing)
– DAAD scholarship to study in Germany
– Visited Germany in 2014 as a Business Student Delegate and then onsite through Bosch in 2016( youngest candidate from team ), subsequent visits for business followed.
– Post Graduate in General Management
– 3.5 years of cross cultural corporate experience in HR, Project Management and Language Operations domain.
– 7 years of corporate teaching experience, founded Flora Language Solutions and managing operations as a language trainer and consultant.
– Phonics and Handwriting Trainer.
– Aspiring polyglot and avid traveller.
– Blogging since 2014 about life and travel – ruchaflora.com (freelancing successfully for many small cap businesses)
– Strong interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills

Interests : Dancing ,Writing,Travelling and Swimming that help her connect to herself

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With an innate ability to network with people across varied backgrounds Rucha possesses strong interpersonal skills which she firmly believes is an asset in today’s global village.
The inclination towards German earned her a Student Exchange Scholarship to Germany, twice, on a full merit basis. She was the youngest candidate from her team to go to Bosch Headquarters in Stuttgart for an onsite project for two years, followed by a brief visit of three months in the coming years. Currently she is continuing her quest by learning Spanish.


You can connect on : floralanguagesolutions@gmail.com

Skills that she brings to the table : Public Relations, Communication, Foreign Languages (German and Spanish) , Language Teaching, Translation, Writing, Pre Screening, Personnel Evaluation, Interviews, Language Localization, Social Networking, Multilingual, Public Speaking,Interpretation.


2. Navneet Krishna Panicker


Engineer | Photographer | Artist | Sportsman | Vintner | Auditor | Guitarist |

A dedicated manager, a moody artist, a loving husband and a determined tennis sportsman is what Navneet is specifically known for. Navneet brings 14+ years of strong experience from the Oil and Energy gamut to the table. Having dealt with various critical projects in mechanical maintenance, project management, contract management and maintaining Oil plants for Indian Oil at various locations in India, he is positively known as Shutdown Specialist amongst peers and colleagues.

Interests : Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Guitar, Painting and Sketching.

You can write to him on – floralanguagesolutions@gmail.com