Our Story – Flora Language Solutions

A wholesome and flexible approach to your language learning needs!

A motto to make language learning and services a fun, flexible and developmental experience.

Language breaks barriers.

Flora Language Solutions is a long standing dream that came true in 2018. A passionate start up that had been an idea since the start up ecosystem had started gaining momentum. Started by Rucha S Khot, a carefree, moody, enthusiastic and a learning Mom to her daughter, Flora. Like you and me she worked her way up the ladder. A turning point came when two prestigious scholarships from DAAD and PASCH came her way to go to Germany and pursue higher studies. She has worked with MNCs like Bosch and Steinbach&Partner Executive Consultants for 3.5 years before setting up FLS, a language training and translation start up. The experience of living in Europe for almost two years, seeing the world, around 28 countries gave her the confidence and insight to venture out on her own. Challenges were many in the form of finances and technical know-how. She plunged in a part of her savings and started small but has now culminated into a budding polyglot. Being a language educator and expert needs a lot of patience. Managing this with a family also strikes a work-life balance. FLS is that dream which was fulfilled due to a love for language and being out there on your own.