For The Love of Hubby’s Michio Kaku

Hey Everyone,

Writing something worthwhile and totally mind boggling to me (at least) after a long time, let me know if you love it.
Recently, the cute, smart and creative hubster was binge watching and if it wasn’t enough, binge reading anything and everything Michio Kaku. I was so affected by it that it aroused my interest, so I planned to read one book myself. Half way through and I thought if such idiosyncratic souls really existed in real life, to have such dynamic ideas and weird perspectives.

Kris has a mind of his own. He comes across as a silent, patient and cute guy but there is a lot of thinking and neurological activity going on in his discrete brain.

I have finally reached the following conclusions as to why he is obsessed and continously preoccupied by anything Michio Kaku these days.

For all those who don’t know, Michio Kaku is a renowned physicist and a child prodigy at that, who is one of the smartest people alive. He is famous because he stated that he believes in a God who created the universe. Such a statement coming from a physicist certainly demands an explanation – how did he reach this conclusion?

The hubster being what he is has been hovering around endless videos of anti matter, entropy, thermodynamics and what not. It has reached a point where we are talking about life after death. Morgan Freeman has engulfed my house with his voice for the past one week now, and I am deprived the pleasure of watching anything in loud volume, because the process of understanding those theories should purely remain unperturbed.

For a humanities and a language student like me, listening to such distinctive videos and audio books was out of question, but the hubster has been successful in roping me in his knowledge achieving endeavour.

I personally believe that you will get enamoured by Michio Kaku because of his speculative and futuristic ideas. He has predicted so many types of civilizations and their technological capabilities. I have seen many physicists talk about big bang, but he speaks about theories before that and humanity’s evolution from its core – brain and cell development too.

Frankly speaking I am nowhere close when it comes to understanding any concept of physics or chemistry too, it was never my cup of tea, but this physicist awes me. He makes things simplified to understand with his counter arguments and lucid experiments. I was skeptical at first to even read about him, but I decided to give it a chance and found his string theory to be incredibly interesting. It talks about how strings or single dimensional objects propagate through each other and interact in space.

Particularly his video on anti matter left me dumbfounded. I definitely do not have the intellectual capability to comprehend all of his theories because I know my interest and grasp for this subject.

However, this man has successfully managed to steal all the attention the hubster has so reading more about him has definitely made me understand the hubster’s brain functioning at the very least! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

To more such genius people inspiring our lives!

©Rucha S Khot


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