A Tiny Chatterbox

From the casket of love a little bubble emerged alive,

Blop, did it burst and a little angel came out naive,

Fluttering across the paths like a butterfly did with wings,

She also chirped all along like a nightingale would sing,

Tiny as a bee, she buzzed from every corner,

A ball of fur would she ever be and spare us the horror,

As a bundle of cuteness she made her den in a faraway park,

To make her settle on fodder was like telling the dog never to bark,

An adorable little baby which is incredibly mobile,

A task performed in a slumber was for her like a baby would stay in a Chernobyl,

Success is when the right fit to ensembles and robes was found,

Achievement is considered when accessories make way perfectly on the miniature body round,

Microscopic fingers that turn magic while making the Indian bread,

Teeny little legs that run the great marathon thread,

Energy is filled like a Lilliput even though shrivelled would fight will all its might,

Never would she consider taking the hasty step and letting loved ones go out of sight,

From an embryo a little life emerged to become a plethora of cuteness,

And race the top of the mountain like a tiny elf in all his muteness,

Soft as a hamster and fierce like a cat,

Ambitious with the seagull always wearing the best trendy hat.

– Rucha Sudhir Khot










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