Words Left Unsaid

The skies turned aquamarine blue,

And left in my heart a tinge of a colourful hue,

What shall I say to this feeling of love,

That I have for you filled in abundance in my treasure cove,

Where there is love there is bound to be a fight,

Only in the midst of feelings omnipresent do these mists go away and words come to sight,

Pinkish smiles and purple hazes of affection,

Blushing for you and making amendments in the thousands of personification,

You be my bliss and my peace,

Your warmth and soft touch makes me go wild in your wet kiss,

Love is in the air,

As we both make a unique and wonderful pair,

The endless wait to see you everyday at the end of the day,

The sparkles of wet drops on the leaves make my fairytale,

Love stands the test of time in our case forever and within,

Let there be light and sunshine in finding happiness to lose even in your sweet win,

I would never want another sublime afterlife,

Without your amiable and tender surprise!

– Rucha S Khot for Krissy Boy


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