Flora Testimonies – 5


Have you ever imagined why you get hooked to certain things even when they are not so beautiful or happening. It’s our sensory organs that work and create a helluva fragrance, waft, a familiar smell, sound, touch or just a feeling that is mesmerising and hard to resist. My baby does just that. Flora is a bundle of effervescence. She is silent in her own way but treads her legs on her miniature mattress like a tiny version of PT USHA. I don’t feed her porridge yet but can imagine how ironic it will be as she drinks milk without any hassles. My gurgling baby is so smart that she already recognises the singing of my mother, the lullaby that I sing and the deep conversations with her aunt. She plays peacefully and is a benevolent girl that eats and sleeps on time. The way her smile spreads the curve is like believing what a magnificent wonder God can create out of another human.
My favourite pastime these days is also squishing my baby when she is moving her delicate hands and exquisitely intricate fingers that roll and punch at lightening speed while feeding her milk. Her muscles so light as a feather make me scared of holding her each time. Her black pearls of wisdom staring intently at all the colours that make her a sharp baby. Those chubby cheeks like a budding rose make her a delectable fluffy munchkin.
People have dreams and ambitions for their kids, to be this and that, and so do Kris and me but not as a profession. We want her to be a rockstar in all that she desires and wishes to serve the purpose of her life. She is an awakening that made us realise what empathy and responsibilities meant. What it was to have a symbol of our love in our arms. Flora has given us an infinity of ecstasy and a reason to rejoice and I cannot stop talking about her each day to anyone and everyone who speaks to me about her. The way this teeny little daughter of mine wriggles and gasps with exasperated sounds at the idea of giving her bitter medicines makes me realize how profound and overwhelming babies can be.
I get butterflies in my stomach when I imagine how I will take care of her alone, my mom, my Mavshi and my granny help me take care of her and nourish her. But, there will be a time when we are left alone and Kris will share the brunt, that time more of her hidden colours will be discovered by us in the most enchanted way!

baby sleeping in a basket and a round feather surrounding the basket
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

©Rucha Sudhir Khot


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